Such dazzling neon display props

The brand PIERE HARDY is regarded as a popular brand in the fashion circle. The product of the brand is very unique. For example, in the fashion circle, “eyes shoes” is very famous and almost every one knows them. You will be attracted by the big eyes with eyeliner.

On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the brand, we present our neon light design and manufacture in different parts of the world.


lovely big neon eyes, classic black-and-white stripes, and square grid, and the bright-color display stand, these elements can quickly grab your eyes and embody the design of the product.

Among the display, the most attractive is the big neon eyes. We use LED neon light to outline the eyes, Which makes the original big eyes more brighter and attractive. This is another creative application of LED neon lights. We have a dazzling eye, cleverly displayed with neon lights.This eye-catching neon sign of big eyes is sure to impress you!