The application of business neon signs usually needs the manufacturers to have a comprehensive strength because it needs more abundant production means and forms of expression.

A clothing brand wanted to use neon signs to make a creative window display to perform their products. So they found us, and with the requirements that not only attract people’s attention but also achieve a dynamic effect of staggered gradual change by a glowing display of the neon lights.

Combined with the client’s budgets、production requirements and the effects of the display, our neon sign team put forth an excellent product idea. If only the size of the neon strip is not obvious enough to make a deep impression on people’s minds. Thus, we combined the color of the lights and arrangement of the strip with the flashing effect of the marquee in turn. This sets off a different visual feeling, both eye-catching and layered so that the entire window display is full of dynamic and unlimited creativity. Therefore we got high recognition and appreciation from our client!