As is known to all, traditional neon lights were originally used in bars, signs that hung in front of the club, billboards, streets in the Studios and so on. Shops will use neon lights to highlight their brand characteristics, bars will use neon lights to create a cool or mysterious atmosphere, and Studios will use neon lights to decorate some streets into the style of a certain period.

Nowadays, Store display visual designers apply neon lights to window display. Personalized customized graphics and words, combined with a variety of display processes, bring more different forms of expression to brand display!

Placing a customized neon signs into a shop window as well as combining the printing technology or and other display elements, the whole vision become much cooler which attracts the customers. Isn’t it simple, advanced and awesome? You can see more application cases in the page of business neon sign.


When the night falls, neon signs starts its shows. Compared to the display windows using ordinary lights, display windows using neon lights can be more eye-catching and form a spectacular atmosphere which varied from gentle to dynamic, funny to cool. Whatever you are thinking the “Creative neon signs”could make it come true.

Would you like to have such an eye-catching and unique neon light display advertisement? What are you waiting for? Just come to us, we are the one who can help you realize it.

Let creative neon brighten up your brand window display!