The presentation forms of the window display props are varied and with a wide range of materials to choose from. There is a wide range of materials for props, such as metal, wood, acrylic, paper, and so on. Besides, the luminous display props are more eye-catching and can attract the attention of customers. Therefore, many brand merchants will add luminous elements, among which the application of neon lights is a more extensive one. 

Business neon signs were initially applied to simple signboards, and now more branded stores will use neon lights for more comprehensive commercial displays. It is not only versatile but also very cost-effective. Moreover, in terms of commercial promotion, neon light display is often not a single form of expression but usually combined with other materials and means, such as UV printing, wooden props, and even acrylic production, which will make the display more abundant, more creative, and more rapid to enhance the brand image. It will also play a role in brand promotion.

However, the comprehensive neon sign display often requires higher requirements for the production strength and service level of the supplier. Customvvv is a professional supplier of luminous displays that can perfectly realize your brand creativity. We can provide the best production plan according to your budget! From providing consulting services to product production, packaging in different stores around the world, and global transportation, we can complete your production needs in one stop.

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A neon sign is exactly what your business needs. You can discover various types of custom eco-friendly LED lights for your business. You can create a custom neon tube sign of your business name, logo, or other artwork.