Recently, we made a very cool neon light background for a recording studio. The production uses the popular LED neon lights as the background display. It is full of creativity and dynamic!

The size of the background is 3000X3000MM, which is very large, and it is difficult to pack and transport, and the stable structure is also we must consider for our customers! With rich production experience, we finally decided to split the entire background into four equal parts for assembly, which is not only convenient for logistics and transportation but also easy to assemble. At the same time, we will also pack the neon lights and the background boards separately during the transportation process. We are also very thoughtful in terms of security.


After everyone's efforts, the goods were successfully delivered to customers in the end. The overall structure of the product is relatively stable, and the splicing position is also very accurate. Customers are very satisfied. Especially the background LOGO of the recording room, combined with the LED neon sign, the live presentation effect is very amazing, bringing out a strong sense of atmosphere and presence! Come and enjoy this cool recording studio.

This project is not just a simple production of neon signs, it combines the production of display props, but also involves the transportation safety of large-scale display props. After we receive the customer's idea, we need to think carefully about every step, such as the conception of the production plan, product production, packaging, transportation, etc. It is difficult to be competent


In recent years, neon lights have been widely used not only in home decoration but also in the commercial industry. Clever use of neon signs will make you have unexpected creative effects! Creative neon signboards make your display more unique and eye-catching!